the staff

We Believe Leadership Is...

What the Apostle Paul did in deliberately appointing leaders at every church he established (Acts 14:23).

We believe leaders are a necessity in the local church and therefore, we've established various boards with leaders to accomplish the mission God has called us to do.

The Pastoral Staff

Our Pastoral Staff consist of key individuals that make our church function well. Responsibilities: For the effective communication, recruitment, and fulfillment of the vision and mission of Bethel.

Lead Pastor Dr. Johnny Green  
Staff Pastors Lal Pui (Burmese)
David Egan (Children)
Asa, Apprey (Worship)
Israel & Ruthie Ramirez (Hispanic)
Mandy Monson (Youth)

 Staff Support  Lucy Magill (Pastor's Asst) Michelle Hawkins (Admin Asst)
Financial Staff Anita Coleman
Jan Caldwell
Christina Bradshaw
Davina Green (counter)
Maintenance Vince Swanson (Manager)
Juliana Hnaska
Bismark Acheampong

The Board of Directors

Our elected officials of the Board of Directors are responsible for: The governance and oversight of the vision and mission of Bethel and maintaining our Doctrinal Integrity.

Chairman Dr. Johnny Green   
Directors Joe Green
Will Washington
Carl Palm 
John Bain
Sam Glover
Corporate Secretary Lisa DeOerio  
Treasurer Stephen Becker  
Elders Don Coleman Jacob Adetunji

The Finance Advisory Committee 

The Finance Advisory Committee is responsible for the general oversight of ministry funds, inventory, adjustments, and evaluation of spending.

Chairman Stephen Becker (Treasurer)  
Members Jim Garrahan
Norm Sawin
Bill Parkman
Peter Ocasio
Patti Wecker (BCA)
Secretary Anita Coleman  

BCA Administration

These individuals are selected by the Board of Directors to provide oversight of Bethel Christian Academy. Responsibilities: Maintain a standard of excellence in Spiritual and academic education, school governance and vision and mission oversight of staff and employees.

Chairman Dr. Johnny Green
Board Representative Carl Palm
Members Claire Dant (Principal)
Brenonda Jackson-Grey
Patti Wecker
Alice Green (BCA Consultant)
Secretary Lucy Magill

Missions Advisory Team

These individuals are selected by the Board of Directors to provide a high standard of encouraging and supporting missions work for Bethel Ministries. Responsibilities: To champion causes to help the needy worldwide, maintain support, establish funding, missions participation (foreign and domestic), outreach (local and state), and keeping members aware of our missions/outreach involvement.

Chairman Lisa DeOerio
Members Justin Ryals
Secretary Lucy Magill

The Facilities Planning Board

These individuals are selected by the Board of Directors to provide "Campus Bethel" with the necessities to complete our task. Responsibilities: The purchasing, remodeling, and building of our facilities, establishment of standards for productivity and development.

Chairman Brian Kleven
Members Mark Conklin (Financial Advisor)
Jerry Rushing (Construction Manager)
Ashraf Shaker (Architect)
Will Washington (Board Representative)
Vince Swanson (Bethel Representative)

You may contact any of our one of the elders by calling the church office at 301-498-3344 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..